Meet the Characters



While growing up in Murray Town, Cousins Tommy and Talabi love listening to their Grandpa TC tell them stories of why many of the animals became the way they are. Grandpa TC tells them exciting stories of why Mr. Tortoise broke his shell, the spots on Mr. Leopard’s body, why Mrs Bird decided to fly, and even how Mr. Chimpanzee lost his tail.

Grandpa T.C.

Thomas C. Fraser

Thomas Crowley Fraser was born in the village of Murray Town, Freetown in 1844, to David “Pakudi” and Jane Fraser.  TC’s father was a Liberated African from Nigeria.  His father had been rescued from a slave ship in the early 1800s during the trans-atlantic slave trade and resettled in Freetown.  David Fraser was one of the first settlers of Murray Town, a village established for Liberated Africans in 1829.  After finishing his studies in Sierra Leone, TC relocated to the Gold Coast (Ghana), where he lived for over 17 years as a Gold Trader and Merchant.  He returned to Sierra Leone with his family in the late 1890s where he served as a City Councillor.

Grandma Amba

Amba Fraser

Amba Fraser was from the Gold Coast (Ghana) and was born in the mid-1800s.  She is believed to be of Fulani/Fanti origin. She met and married TC Fraser in Saltpond, Ghana where several of their eldest children were born. They later relocated to Sierra Leone around the 1890s, settling down in Murray Town.

Cousin Tommy

Thomas A.L. Decker

Thomas Decker was born in Calabar, Nigeria in 1916 to Joseph and Jane Decker. His mother, Jane. was the eldest daughter of TC and Amba Fraser. She was born in Saltpond, Ghana and relocated to Sierra Leone with her parents and siblings.   His father, Joseph had relocated to Nigeria with his wife Jane in the early 1900s, working as a Surveyor for the Colonial Government.  Thomas relocated to Sierra Leone with his family in the 1920s as a young boy and lived in Murray Town.  After attending Grammar school and Teacher’s College, he led a career as a Journalist, Playwright, and Poet.

Cousin Talabi

Talabi A. Lucan

Talabi Aisie Lucan was born in Freetown in 1921 to Adeyemi and Victoria Fraser. Adeyemi was the son of TC and Amba Fraser, and a brother to Jane Fraser.  Like many of the Frasers, Talabi and her family spent a lot of time in Murray Town.  After completing her studies, Talabi became a Teacher and an avid writer of academic and history books for Primary Schools in Sierra Leone. She wrote several children books.  One of her most cherished children’s book is called “Jeneba”.

Mr. Tortoise

Mrs. Hen

Mr. Monkey

Mr. Leopard

Mr. Goat

Mr. Elephant

Mr. Dog

Mr. Deer

Mr. Chimpanzee

Mrs. Cat

Mr. Bush-Cat

Mr. Bird

Mr. Baboon

Mrs. Bird

Miss Chicken

As they walked through the market, Grandpa TC thought it would be a perfect time to tell Cousins Tommy and Talabi why all the animals no longer live together.

– Why all the animals no longer live together